Adaptive Image Fusion

Type(s) 1. Data and Information provision services
Satellite Image Processing 

The Adaptive Image Fusion (AIF) service processes input data from the user. Thus the user has to either provide the data at the user's FTP-Server and provide the relevant access information or and upload the data to the service provided FTP server.

The Adaptive Image Fusion method allows the fusion of geometric (spatial) and thematic (spectral) features from multi-source raster data, i.e. a panchromatic band with high spatial resolution and a single band from a multi-spectral image (visible or near infrared) with a lower spatial resolution. Any data provided by optical satellites currently available, may be enhanced using the Adaptive Image Fusion algorithm. If applied to multi-resolution image data, it will sharpen the low spatial resolution image according to object edges found in the higher spatial resolution image.

In contrast to simple substitution methods, such as Intensity-Hue-Saturation or Principal-Component Merging, AIF preserves the spectral characteristics of the original low resolution image.

It has to be noted here that the user is urged to read the "Service Level Agreement" ( EOX_AdaptiveImageFusion_SLA.pdf ) which contains important information regarding the service (not only legitimate but also important technical matters) in general and the service execution in special. This includes information especially regarding the FTP-server for file upload and restrictions of file-formats, file-size, and required image preprocessing.

Owner EOX IT Services GmbH 
Keywords Adaptive Image Fusion, AIF, Intensity-Hue-Saturation, Principal-Component Merging, multi-resolution image data 
Status enabled 
Technology This service uses the SSE Portal and locally installed SSE Toolbox to interface with the AIF algorithm installed at EOX IT Services GmbH. The service operates asynchronously. 
Delivery Time 1.0 Days 
Price Free 
Service Access No restriction 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty See Service Level Agreement EOX_AdaptiveImageFusion_SLA.pdf
Quality of Service See Service Level Agreement EOX_AdaptiveImageFusion_SLA.pdf

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