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Type(s) 1. Data and Information provision services
GIS Data Provision Services 
Abstract The "ESA Layers" service provides an example of a service which uses many of the new WMS features of the WebMapViewer, the SSE OGC Web Services Client.

The layers showed in this service are available for the all Service Providers (details in the SLA), who want to integrate their own services with these data: improving the service page look and feel, supporting their service results with additional layers and with the related metadata.

The layers are provided by ESA and are available through ESA WMSs which implement OGC standards(OGC Web Map Service Interface).

The WebMapViewer features (read more...) allow seeing time series layers animation, configuring animations, grouping layers, knowing layers details provided by abstracts and legends when these are available through a standard OGC WMS.

ESA reserves the right to terminate the service at any time informing Users and Service Providers through the SSE News. 
Owner European Space Agency 
Keywords OGC standards, WMS, WebMapViewer, Layers Animation  
Status disabled 
Technology Standard WMS OGC 
Delivery Time 0.0 Days 
Price Free 
Service Access Restricted to Registered Users 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty see the Service Level Agreement (SLA). 
Quality of Service see the Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

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