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Abstract The "MGVI Over Horn of Africa Catalogue" service provides a catalogue of all the MGVI computed over the Horn of Africa surface. The MERIS Global Vegetation Index (MGVI) is a good measure of the amount and vigour of vegetation at the surface, and it is a MERIS Level 2 product, which is free of charge.

The MGVI is computed by collecting MERIS products over the Horn of Africa every 10 days aligned on the first day of each month -like the standard used for the AVHRR 10 days composite- (e.g. for a month of 31 days the last MERIS collection of the month is based on 11 days while for February the last collection is based on 8 or 9 days).

The Service supports typical catalogue operation like search and present and allow user to order a maximum of twelve products for each order. When the order is concluded, products are available on an ftp account for five days, the account is provided in the order result page. The Service allows also loading and navigating through the WebMapViwer the MGVI ingested in the ESRIN WMS.

The MGVI level-3 aggregation processor is routinely operated on ESA Grid Processing on Demand (G-POD) and is developed and maintained by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Product description: MERIS Level 3 Land Surface Time Composite (credit: JRC).  
Owner European Space Agency 
Keywords MGVI Africa Vegetation Index GPOD WMS  
Status disabled 
Technology EOLI Interface for Search and Present operations.
G-POD System for data computing.
Standard WMS OGC for layers visualization.
PostgreSQL for metadata storage. 
Delivery Time 0.25 Days 
Price Free 
Service Access Restricted to Registered Users 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty See Service Level Agreement (SLA).  
Quality of Service See Service Level Agreement (SLA).  

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