Fire Detection by Single Image

Type(s) 2. Thematic Services
Risk Management 
Abstract The Fire Detection by Single Image service uses the SOMAFID to automatically map each pixel of the input image onto a discrete set of (up to) 9 classes of fire depending on the background nature (high vegetation, low vegetation, no vegetation) and on the fire pixel nature (flaming, smoldering, mixed). Due to the spectral characteristics of the (A)ATSR sensors, the provide number of classes is six, discriminated among the three background types over saturated or non saturated 3.8 micron channel.

The output can be in GeoTIFF or ENVI format.

Note: <SOMAFID (SOIL MAPPERŪ Fire Detection) is the new system developed by MEEO to detect active fires in a MODIS, AATSR and MSG-2 SEVIRI scene.

The SOMAFID algorithm improves the MODIS Fire Detection (MOFID) algorithm, developed by the MODIS Science Team as a Level 2 product (MOD14).

The following improvements have been introduced:

1. Reduction of the number of false alarms due to clouds and water bodies by means of SOIL MAPPERŪ classification-based masking.
2. Definition of 3 different background conditions of active fires:
o High biomass vegetation (for example, forests)
o Low biomass vegetation (for example, low humidity biomass like tree bark)
o No-vegetation (for example, bare soil and buildings)
3. Fire pixel recognition of 3 distinct fire stages, characterized by different fire intensity, temperature, combustion efficiency and emission ratios:
o flaming fire
o smoldering fire
o mixed stage

The SOMAFID system identifies active fires and generates nine different output classes, three for each background type.

Due to the low saturation level of the AATSR 3.8?m band, the SOMAFID version for AATSR reduces the detectable number of classes to 6 classes, identifying, for both saturated and non saturated pixels classes for each background type. 
Owner MEEO 
Keywords MODIS, AATSR, ATSR-2, SOIL MAPPER, SOMAFID, Fire Detection 
Status enabled 
Technology Pixel-based and contextual-baased fire detection 
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Price Free 
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