Reconditioned SPOT Cat-1 Images

Type(s) 1. Data and Information provision services
Satellite Image Processing 
Abstract The Reconditioned SPOT Cat-1 Images Service developed by MEEO allows the user manipulating a SPOT 4/5 image by applying, in a single service through a check-box selection, Clipping and Format Conversion operations.

The processing algorithm described in the present document can be applied to SPOT images belonging to the ESA collection (SPOT4/5 images over Europe).

The output product is a SPOT image clipped according to the Area Of Interest defined by the user and converted into the selected output format. The output format can be selected by the user through a drop-down list. Permitted formats are: GeoTIFF, JPEG and JPEG2000. In the case of JPEG or JPEG2000 formats, also a RGB quicklook is produced.

The service is currently available free-of-charge to authorised SPOT Category 1 users only (authorisation can be obtained by submitting a Category-1 proposal). User comments are encouraged and should be passed on to the Earth Observation Help Desk.

Owner MEEO 
Keywords SPOT4 SPOT5, HRVIR, HRG, Format Check, Format Conversion, Clipping, Cat-1, EOLI, reconditioning, KEI 
Status enabled 
Technology Image basic manipulation tools 
Delivery Time 1.0 Days 
Price Free 
Service Access Restricted by Request Access 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty See Service Level Agreement (SLA)  
Quality of Service See Service Level Agreement (SLA)  

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