Lambert 72 2008 Various formats

Type(s) 1. Data and Information provision services
GIS Data Provision Services 
Abstract This service allows you to reproject vector data in a variety of formats between

* the Belgian Lambert 72 coordinate system (EPSG31300 or EPSG31370)
* the newly defined Lambert 2008 Coordinate reference system.

The following formats are supported:

* ESRI ArcInfo Coverage
* ESRI ArcInfo Export (E00)
* ESRI Shape
* GML Simple v2
* Intergraph/MicroStation Design
* MapInfo MIF/MID
* MapInfo TAB

For reprojection of individual coordinate pairs please refer to the Lambert72- Lambert2008 reprojection (Points & Shape File) Service.

Note that you need to provide your input files in a zipped format in which a single sub folder appears that contains all the files. 
Owner National Geographic Institute Of Belgium NGI-IGN 
Keywords Lambert 72 2008 Reprojection GIS vector  
Status enabled 
  • NGI-IGN conversion routines
  • GIM format conversion technology
  • BPEL Workflow
Delivery Time 1.0 Days 
Price Free 
Service Access No restriction 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty Information on the warranty is to be found in the SLA.  
Quality of Service Information on the warranty is to be found in the SLA

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