Reverse Geocoding

Type(s) 1. Data and Information provision services
GIS Data Provision Services 
Abstract This service allows you to convert your co-ordinate information into addresses. It translates X,Y (or latitudes, longitude) pairs into the corresponding place names, postal codes, streetnames and house numbers. You can provide single coordinate pairs or batch files and you can select the input coordinate reference system. The service is currently available for Belgium and the Netherlands but its geographical scope can be extended upon request. The service is also available as an OGC OpenLS web service. You pay per reverse geocoded coordinate pair whereby the cost per record decreases in function of the number of records. Our service will first provide you with a quotation based upon the number of coordinate pairs that you do wish to reverse geocode.  
Owner G.I.M. Geographic Information Management nv 
Keywords Reverse Geocoding address location OpenLS  
Status enabled 
Technology Reverse geocoding TeleAtlas data 
Delivery Time 0.1 Days 
Price Free 
Service Access Restricted by Request Access 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty Information on the warranty is to be found in the SLA
Quality of Service Information on the quality of service to be found in the SLA

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