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Type(s) 4. HMA Services
Catalogue Services 
Abstract This prototype OGC Service Catalogue was developed by GIM- Geographic Information Management nv - within the frame of the ESIT project.
It allows the discovery of WMS layers and WFS Feature Types and allows to bind to these layers: "Add those to the map". It therefore uses a custom workflow that implements a piggy-back search: first search for dataset collections and in a second step retrieve the services that "operate on" these datasets. The combined information of these two operations gives the required information for connecting to these layers. The Catalog contains WMS instances from the Belgian GNOSIS project and from the Centre du Suivi Ecologique in Senegal (ESIT project).  
Owner G.I.M. Geographic Information Management nv 
Keywords OGC Services Catalogue 
Status enabled 
  • GIM capabilities harvester
  • deegree Open Source CS-W Service
  • ISO metadata Application Profile of CS-W
  • custom BPEL workflows
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Price Free 
Service Access No restriction 
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