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Type(s) 4. HMA Services
Catalogue Services 
Abstract This Services Catalogue Prototype was implemented by GIM - Geographic Information Managment nv - as part of the ESIT Project.
This service was developed with a view of validating the use of the ISO Metadata application profile of CS-W for discovery of Earth Observation Collection metadata and HMA services. The Service allows to search on dataset collections over a specific Area Of Interest. Based upon the returned collection Identifiers, one can then search for the services that "Operate on" the collections. Alternatively, one can search on the properties of the services directly. The ESA MUISWMS Service and example Programming and Ordering services and WMS services are registered within this catalogue.  
Owner G.I.M. Geographic Information Management nv 
Keywords HMA Catalogue 
Status enabled 
  • GIM capabilities harvester
  • Deegree Open Source CS-W Service implementing the ISO Metadata AP
  • BPEL workflows
  • Iso Metadata Application Profile
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