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Type(s) 2. Thematic Services

ENVEO’s product "Snow Cover Map", an input for snow process models and hydrological runoff models, is generated by the organisation ENVEO GmbH (Environmental Earth Observation Information Technology). The generation is done regularly every three to ten days, depending on the season.

The user group interested in this kind of information can be found in the hydrology, meteorology, and water management. The main applications are: hydrological snowmelt runoff modelling input for flood forecasting models, boundary conditions for high resolution weather models, and climate change monitoring.

The service is restricted and a user has to first register with ENVEO and buy a download quota to order and receive products. The information regarding the pricing of a selected product can be requested by issuing a "Request for Quotation" (RFQ). The pricing schema depends only on the age of the selected products, but not on the size. With the RFQ also the information about the user's current quota status will be provided. Products will be delivered in GeoTiff format via FTP Server. The respective information is provided at the end of the order process.

The product is currently generated especially for the Alps. An operational scenario for other mountain areas is not yet anticipated. However, should a user be interested, he/she is asked to get in touch directly with the contact person at ENVEO in order to arrange the relevant procedures (data acquisition, costs, delivery time, delivery format, etc.). However, it has to be noted here that the respective product is very complex in the production (model generation, etc.) and product development/generation for other areas makes only sense when a routine (long term) generation is in the users mind.

Owner EOX IT Services GmbH 
Keywords ENVEO, snow cover, alps, hydrology, water management, meteorology 
Status enabled 
Technology The SSE Portal and a local Apache Axis-2 is used to retrieve georeferenced images from the product archive, installed at
EOX IT Services GmbH.
. The service operates completely synchronously. 
Delivery Time 0.0 Days 
Price determined by Request For Quotation 
Service Access Restricted by Request Access 
Subscription Not supported 
Warranty See Service Level Agreement ENVEO_SnowCoverMap_SLA.pdf
Quality of Service See Service Level Agreement ENVEO_SnowCoverMap_SLA.pdf

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