This service allows you to transform your Belgian or Dutch address information into points that can be displayed within your GPS... (Read more)
This service allows you to transform your comma separated or GML files to formats understood by the most common mobile GPS and... (Read more)
Generates a map given an input UTM projected image, its legends, scale factor and layer format.... (Read more)
The MERIS Calibrator of user image service applies a radiometric conversion and correction processing tool to convert... (Read more)
This is a simulation service used for the Dolphin SP training... (Read more)
This service clips raster data using vector polygons. The data within the clipping polygon are kept while the data outside the... (Read more)
This service offers file type conversion for raster data. A large number of formats is supported, including a range of typical... (Read more)
This service resamples raster data to a different (larger) pixel size. The resulting dataset will show less detail, be smaller... (Read more)
This service reprojects raster data from one coordinate system to another. All European projection systems as well as a number... (Read more)
This service clips vector data using vector polygons. The clipping polygon can be defined using the Area of Interest tool or by... (Read more)
This service converts vector data from one format into another. The following file formats are supported: AutoCad DWG/DXF, ESRI... (Read more)
This service generalises vector data with respect for topology to a certain extent. You provide your data set by providing its... (Read more)
This service performs coordinate transformation for vector data. All European projection systems as well as a number of global... (Read more)
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