Resources of Satellite Images
ASI Nata nel 1988, l'Agenzia Spaziale Italiana ha la responsabilità, nell'ambito... (Read more)
ASTRIUM Ltd Space plays a crucial role in our daily lives, in security and defence,... (Read more)
CNES Founded in 1961, the Centre National d' Etudes Spatiales (CNES) is the... (Read more)
CRPSM The Centro di Ricerca Progetto San Marco is a research centre of the University... (Read more)
CSA CSA is the Canadian Space Agency... (Read more)
CSW testing org... (Read more)
DISP - Tor Vergata University Both its teaching and research activities make DISP one of the most active... (Read more)
DLR DLR is Germany's national research centre for aeronautics and space. Its... (Read more)
EDISOFT S.A. EDISOFT has earned a solid reputation in the information technology industry.... (Read more)
EFTAS EFTAS Remote Sensing Transfer of Technology based in Münster is one of Germany's... (Read more)
ESA Test I ESA TEST... (Read more)
ESA test II Esa Test II... (Read more)
ESA Test IV testing... (Read more)
ESAYGT ...... (Read more)
Eumetsat Space-based observations are vital to everyday life. The images and data... (Read more)
Eurimage Since 1989, Eurimage has provided global satellite digital and photographic... (Read more)
European Commission Joint Research Centre European Commission Joint Research Centre ... (Read more)
European Space Agency The European Space Agency (ESA) is an international organization composed of 18... (Read more)
FEDEO Project “The overall goal of the FedEO project is to provide support to the European... (Read more)
GAEL Consultant Founded in 1990, GAEL Consultant is specialised in the processing of Earth... (Read more)
GAF AG GAF AG ( has built a reputation as Germany's No.1 in commercial earth... (Read more)
Gdansk Universdity of Technology Gdansk Universdity of Technology... (Read more)
Gdansk University of Technology Geoinformatics Department... (Read more)
Gdansk University of Technology; WETI; KSG The Department of Geoinformatics conducts research on advanced methods of... (Read more)
GISAT GISAT has been in operation since 1990 as the first privately run remote sensing... (Read more)
GRUPO GMV S.A. GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international... (Read more)
Informus GmbH Informus GmbH is a Berlin-based SME focussing on the acquisition, management and... (Read more)
Lamma LaMMA CommaMed... (Read more)
MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd. MDA provides advanced information solutions that capture and process vast... (Read more)
National Geographic Institute Of Belgium NGI-IGN The National Geographic Institute of Belgium, created in pursuance of the Act of... (Read more)
NEODC The NERC Earth Observation Data Centre (NEODC) is a Designated Data Centre of... (Read more)
NERC Earth Observation Data Centre (NEODC) NEODC is a designated data centre of the UK Natural Environment Research... (Read more)
OGC The Mission of OGC is to lead the global development, promotion and... (Read more)
Orchestra coordinator Atos Origin ORCHESTRA is designing and implementing the specifications for a service... (Read more)
Planetek Hellas EPE Planetek Hellas is a company of Planetek Italia Group, that since 1994 designs... (Read more)
Remote Sensing 2 Remote Sensing 2... (Read more)
Remote Sensing Test Remote Sensing Company... (Read more)
sarmap Development of methodologies and software in the domain of Remote Sensing, SAR... (Read more)
SIEMENS PSE Hungary Siemens PSE Hungary is participating in the ESA SOSI project (Spatial... (Read more)
SOSI Consortium (c/o ANF Data) This service provider is shared between the members of the SOSI project - please... (Read more)
Spot Image Spot Image offers you products and services from optical and radar observation... (Read more)
Sprinx Systems Sprinx Systems is a leading technological company specialized at development,... (Read more)
Test Org 1 Test Org 1... (Read more)
Test Org 3 Test Org... (Read more)
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