OGC Compliance Tests

Web Pages - The HMA Compliance & Interoperability Testing & Evaluation (CITE) is a test engine for HMA standard services. Several test scripts should be available in the near future.

HMA Test Skeleton

CD-ROM - The HMA Test Skeleton is Web application running on Apache Tomcat. It allows a service provider to simulate the HMA catalog, ordering and programming interfaces. It also contains a user interface which can be used to test remote HMA interfaces for catalogue, ordering and programming. The built download package contains precompiled skeleton application and instructions to install it. The source download package includes the source files needed to rebuild the application and the related documentation.
  • Built download package, version 2.0
  • Source download package, version 2.0
  • Sample requests/responses for OGC 06-131 version 0.1.9
  • Sample requests/responses for OGC 06-141 version 0.9.3
  • Sample requests/responses for OGC 07-018 version 0.9.5
  • HMA Service Simulations Technical Note, version 1.0, 30/06/2008

UDDI Browser

CD-ROM - A UDDI Browser, e.g. JDeveloper or UDDIBrowser, allows you to browse and search services installed on the SSE.

Geonetwork home page

Web Pages - The GeoNetwork catalogue Web interface allows adding collection metadata to the collection catalogue.

SSE Toolbox

CD-ROM - The SSE Toolbox facilitates integration of your existing service with the SSE.

Workflow Editor

CD-ROM - The Workflow Editor allows you to create complex workflows, chaining services available on the portal.

Test Tools

Web Pages - These Test Tools allow to test the accessibility to WCS, WMS, WFS services and to generate the configuration files for the WebMapViewer tool.

Google Earth

CD-ROM - The free Google Earth client can be used as a viewer for catalogue search results.
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